React Jobs - Energy Solutions Performance Engineer II, 1242

at Johnson Controls
Location Milwaukie, OR
Date Posted September 15, 2019
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


What you will do
Under general direction, responsible for working independently with sales, and or client directly to
develop, secure and manage new or expanded performance guarantees. Responsible for conducting
M&V workshops with clients. Responsible for managing M&V contract costs to ensure minimal
cost variance and for creating and implementing solutions to reduce shortfall amounts.
Generally involved in medium size projects that include complex guarantees. Responsible for
understanding and correctly applying option A, B, C, & D type of guarantees. Establishes M&V
program to monitor and manage energy consumption, utility supply, and facilities operations and
maintenance programs to ensure that savings are consistent with performance contract contractual
obligations and client goals. Pro-actively assists in taking necessary actions as required promote
growth in the account, limit risk and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
Pro-actively identifies new solutions sales opportunities. Utilizes system, service and or GWS
resources to assess and correct potential shortfalls. Possesses knowledge of and responsible for
promoting utility supply side service services, NISC bill payment Services, remote measurement and
verification monitoring/ECM, performance indexing, LEED and other knowledge base offerings to
the client.
How you will do it
1. Develops and maintains positive customer relationship during the design phase of the
opportunity development. Maintains this positive customer relationship during project build
and throughout the duration of the performance guarantee.
2. Owns and manages JCI tools & processes that ensure timely collection and accurate data
entry of utility bills or other monitored consumption sources for portfolios up to $60M in
active guarantees. Initiates actions and develops positive customer relationships to support
this activity. Ensures delivered M&V costs are within 3% of estimated amounts.
3. As assigned, uses ability to communicate with technical and non-technical buyers, suppliers,
and other JCI internal Partners (Systems & Service) to provide technical, process or financial
support in the creation and maintenance of Medium sized, complex M&V solutions.
4. Ability to successfully work with client on-site staff to ensure operations and maintenance of
assets/equipment are within contractual terms. Proactively reviews and/or interprets problems
or patterns related to utility bills and energy consumption to limit risk and ensure a high level
of customer satisfaction. As appropriate, solves issues and keeps performance engineering
manager updated and involved when need for corrective action is identified.
5. Monitors data gathering systems (remote measurement and verification monitoring/ECM,
NISC web base tool, FPI, etc) to track energy consumption during the installation and
guarantee/tracking phases. As appropriate, solves issues and keeps performance engineering
manager updated and involved when need for corrective action is identified.
6. Develops and maintains relationships with suppliers and vendors as well as facility mid-level
technical & financial managers.
7. Develops customer baselines or benchmarks as needed.
8. Active in professional organizations. Participates in “added-value” customer and community
events in support of their objectives.
9. Participates in transition meetings with Operations to ensure project scope, objectives,
timeline, and customer requirements have been achieved and the start of the performance
period is properly documented.
10. Fully Utilizes the Solutions Playbook, SOLAR toolset as well as other standard JCI
development and performance engineering processes and tools in performing tasks.
11. Responsible for the creation and delivery of high quality / high value performance reports
that convey added value and analysis of cost reduction to contract specifications and/or
guarantees (Options A, B, C, D and Non-Measured Savings) to the client. Responsibilities
include the structure and grammar of the reports.
12. Actively participates in internal release or renewal meetings, customer kick-off meetings, and
on-going account meetings including customer touch point visits.
13. On selected accounts, develops and leads the solution performance presentation to the
14. Owns and manages up-to-date archival records associated with Performance Contracting
15. Coordinates and audits the Guarantee Risk manager database. Responsible for proactively
generating internal risk management reporting as well as assist in monthly backlog reviews
with regional management.
16. Assists JCI performance engineering consultant in researching problems or opportunities that
might cause performance slippage and or additional savings respectively. Monitors energy
consumption and non-energy performance items. Gathers further information from on-site
service providers and customer's maintenance staff. Initiates immediate corrective actions,
which includes notifying the customer of any needed action on their behalf. Keeps
Performance Engineering Manager updated and involved when need for corrective action is
17. Input’s data, coordinate’s data and audits the Guarantee Risk manager database. Assists in
the generation of internal risk management reporting as requested.
18. Promotes and completes EPA Green Light/Energy Star, renewable solutions, LEED and other
award programs administrative requirements per contractual requirements.
19. Works to secure and maintain relevant professional certifications and licenses (e.g.,
Professional Engineering license). Responsible for remaining current with relevant
engineering or design standards and practices.
20. Responsible for the promotion and adherence of JCI safety policies.
21. Perform other related duties as assigned.